Sussex Home Watch Services

Sussex Home and Condominium Service will regularly inspect your home and property while you’re away to make certain it is safe and secure for your return.

Sussex Home and Condominium Service is not a contractor or contracting service. However, we partner with a professional network of licensed and insured contractors should a problem occur and need remediation quickly. Additionally, we can help coordinate action with a contractor of your choice.  Here are some of the other services we provide.

House & Condo Check

A detailed fifty-point inspection of the exterior and interior of the home and property.

Boat Check

Survey docks, boatlifts and watercraft for security and any damage.

Theft, Damage or Vandalism

Visual inspection of all exterior doors, garage doors and windows for signs of forced entry or vandalism.

Meet Contractors

Allow contractors access to complete projects inside the home. Check on contractors who are executing projects outside of the home.

Hold Keys

Hold keys to your home to allow access to authorized guests or contractors.

Pre-Post Storm Survey

Check the exterior of the property prior to and after major storm events. Make certain any outdoor furniture is secure.

Check Pool or Hot Tub

Make sure the pool or spa cover is secure and any fencing around the pool is locked and secured.

Smoke Alarm, Thermostats

Check these internal systems to make sure they are in working order and at the proper setting.

Contact us today to learn about our service packages. We can customize a service package to fit your individual needs and help you protect your investment. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Your trust, privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us. You are our customer, we are an advocate for you.


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